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I Call Shenanigans!

We’re a bit late on this, but we so outraged that we’re still felt compelled to comment.

Fans of great television will be upset to hear that BBC have decided against commissioning a second series of The Fades. If you’re partial to supernatural drama similar to the likes of Being Human or Buffy and you didn’t catch this show the first time round, I implore you acquire it by any means necessary. The Fades was easily one of the best shows not just on BBC3 but all British television in 2011. Its cancellation is hardly surprising however, as this is the same channel that commissioned a second series of Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show.

You can (and should) buy The Fades on Amazon or at least rent it on LOVEFiLM.

[Source: SFX]


The New Faces of Being Human

Shits-a-changing on Being Human. First emo-vamp Mitchell (Aiden Turner) naffed off to do The Hobbit – which made sense because he was becoming a tad insufferable. Then we lost werewolf Nina (Sinead Keenan) – meh. And then finally we lost the original wolf-boy,¬†Russell Tovey’s George – MAJOR SADFACE!

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